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July 6, 2017

What about organic remedies?

Browsing our organic shelf!

Browsing our organic shelf!

Here at Canterbury Baking School, we believe not just in healthy bread, but a healthy lifestyle. Sure, we champion organic food and ingredients, but there’s so much more to the organic lifestyle than food!

Many natural remedies that have been used for thousands of years can still be of help today, and you can alleviate certain health problems using natural organic remedies or ingredients. For example, I suffered from neuralgia, which is a nerve condition which causes random bursts of intense pain due to damaged nerves somewhere in the body. I was offered epilepsy tablets and there was also the prospect of a brain operation on the horizon!

But a friend of mine, a doctor in Germany, suggested that I should try drinking a concentrated form of elderberry juice. I tried it, and haven’t had any attacks since! I recommended elderberry juice to several friends who also had neuralgia, and they have also benefitted from this simple remedy!

It’s important to remember that elderberries can also be toxic when fresh, so must be cooked first. Do not eat the seeds or the stems. You can get dried elderberries, elderberry syrup, and elderberry juice, all of which are anticonvulsants and help relieve the symptoms of nerve conditions. Elderberry is also good for relieving colds and flu, lowering blood sugar, and helping to boost the immune system.

Wild Elderberries (Credit: Gardening Know How)

Wild Elderberries (Credit: Gardening Know How)

Here’s a quick way to make elderberry syrup:


1 part fresh, ripe black elderberries (If using dried berries, use 1/2 part)

2 parts water

1 part raw organic honey



  1. Make sure the stems of the berries have been removed, as these are toxic!
  2. Put the berries into a saucepan and cover with the water.
  3. Cook the berries over a medium heat and bring to a simmer. This should take around 30 minutes. (You may need to adjust the temperature to keep them at a low heat!) Mashing the berries with a fork or spoon helps speed up the process.
  4. Strain the mixture into a jar, then bin the seeds and pulp (also toxic)
  5. Leave to cool before stirring in the honey. Honey is also an antiviral ingredient, helping to boost the power of the syrup, as well as helping to preserve the mixture.
  6. The mixture can be stored in the fridge for a few weeks. I store mine in small containers in the freezer, and just defrost them in the fridge when needed.

Take one or two tablespoons of the mixture four times a day. You can also spread the syrup on pancakes etc!

Elderberries will be ready for harvesting from September, and are pretty widespread across the UK. Using elderberries is just one of the organic natural remedies out there! Things like aloe vera, garlic, and ginger can all be used for various ailments, keeping your family healthy and happy!

An organic lifestyle is the key to keeping your family healthy and happy!

An organic lifestyle is the key to keeping your family healthy and happy!

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback!