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September 6, 2017

Specialist Workshops on the way!


Here at Canterbury Baking School, we’re branching out! We’re developing a new range of specialist workshops aimed at vegans, vegetarians, and the gluten-free crowd. I’m also taking my specialisation in sourdough to the next level with an advanced sourdough workshop!

I have been a vegetarian for over twenty years and my husband has recently adopted a vegan diet, so I’ve developed several incredible recipes that have been tried and tested on my own family! Vegetarian and vegan cooking is first and foremost about being creative whilst also being nutritious, so I wanted to do some workshops exploring vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Just because someone is vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean they should miss out on tasty food! It’s about finding alternatives to popular ingredients (like my cashew nut “mozzarella” pizzas!). That’s what I hope to achieve in these workshops. Many of our dishes will have an Indian twist, and I will also be running some Indian-inspired vegetarian and vegan workshops periodically.

With baking becoming increasingly popular, gluten-free diets are also becoming more common. But you shouldn’t have to miss out on beautiful bread! So I’ve been creating a workshop dedicated to gluten-free baking. Several nuts can produce flour that we substitute for wheat, like almonds and chestnuts, so we’ll be exploring those to find the best gluten-free bread mixes.

For those who want to delve more into sourdough bread, I will also be offering an Advanced Sourdough workshop. We’ll be focusing on advanced folding techniques and new baking styles, like the high water method. We will also learn how to make sourdough using different flours like rye, opening up more possibilities for your sourdough creations!


Keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media for more details!

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