Canterbury Baking School

Meet Vicky Feldman

Bespoke baking and cookery workshops at The Canterbury Baking School are expertly taught by Vicky who prides herself on providing a friendly, family-orientated and informative environment in which to learn how to bake.

Vicky had the great privilege to learn production cookery from a wonderful Italian masterchef. Trained to use only the very best quality organic ingredients, she has a particular interest in the relationship that food has on our health.

Recognising the increasing demand for healthy, home-cooked food, Vicky's main goal is to ensure that all workshop students leave feeling confident and sufficiently skilled to produce delicious, light and nutritious produce at home.

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Vicky Feldman at Canterbury Baking School

Look for the Loaf Mark

Canterbury Baking school are proud members of the 'Real Bread Campaign'.

Part of the charity 'Sustain', one of the campaigns main aims is to promote the benefits of locally-baked, additive-free 'artisan' products.

Canterbury Baking School Real Bread Campaign Member

100% Bread

Our baking philosophy has always centered on using 100% of the grain. We never use additives or adulterants.

Using organic grains and fresh yeast we bake wholesome, healthy produce packed with vitamins and minerals. Not just delicious, our bread also provides the maximum nutritional benefit!